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Avrasya Reasürans Brokerliği Limited Şirketi (Avrasya Re Broker) was founded in 2006 by Messrs. Nebil Hüseyini and Baki Korukoğlu co-shareholders. Its establishment authorisation was granted in August 2006. Its licence to operate Reinsurance Broking business was granted by the Insurance Directorate of the Turkish Republic on the 26-12-2006. Licence number: 2006/1442-66405.

Its founders and co-shareholders Messrs. Nebil Hüseyini and Baki Korukoğlu, Executive Chairman and Executive Vice Chairman respectively, both have a long experience (almost 40 years) of marketing/ business acquisition, underwriting and accounting and have managed the F.A.I.R. Non-Life Reinsurance Pool and the E.C.O. (ex-R.C.D.) Reinsurance Pool at the Milli Reasürans Türk Anonim Şirketi (Turkey`s National Reinsurer), being active all over the Asian and African continents.

Avrasya Re Broker is member of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Insurance Brokers of Turkey and the F.A.I.R. (Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers) Brokers and Consultants Society (F.B.C.S).

Avrasya Re Broker is active in various regions and essentially in the GCC countries, India, Central Asia, Turkey, the Balkans, Caucasia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Cyprus, Lebanon and Jordan.